Project Management & Performance Management

In the early 2000s, Finland wanted to launch the construction of a new nuclear plant. After a tender, Finland opts for the construction of a European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) at Olkiluoto, which already hosts two nuclear reactors (OL1 and OL2). The goal of this project is to provide a reliable, cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy. The contract was signed on December 18, 2003 by a consortium led by AREVA (including AREVA NP and SIEMENS) for the supply of an EPR to the Finnish electrician Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO). The two major issues for AREVA are the respect of the requirements of the TVO customer and the qualification of the design of the EPR with the local safety authority (STUK).

Scope of the service

Expertise and assistance in piloting the I & C lot of the OL3 project, nuclear island, in 3 successive phases:

  • Audits design control systems (polar Pont, for example)
  • Architecture and systems qualification – Supplier monitoring, in particular AREVA NP Germany
  • Preparation of platform tests for commissioning

Related missions: :

  • Nuclear ventilation: technical recommendations on some buildings of the EPR Flamanville – DCNS
  • Specification of the future PLM – “Product Life-cycle Management” of new constructions (notably electric production reactors) – AREVA (long-term support), EDF (coaching)

Benefits of the intervention

  • Formalization and structuring of the I & C qualification file: based on REX and exchanges between actors
  • Creating a climate of trust with TVO and STUC
  • Contribution to the management of AREVA NP Germany’s I & C engineering teams
  • Improved visibility of DG AREVA on project progress and the hard points

Goals / Challenges

  • Master the development process of the lot I & C technologies and tools (Siemens)
  • Share REX for EPR series,
  • Empowerment and demonstration of initiative capabilities in stakeholder management: the TVO operator, the STUK safety authority and AREVA NP Germany,
  • Mission in English, direct interfaces with Finnish actors and engineering AREVA NP Germany.