Project Management & Performance Management



The current situation is forcing companies to make an ongoing effort of adaption and modernization. Every company, regardless of its sector of activity, has to reinvent its key factors of success. However, to remain attractive in such a competitive and performance seeking environment, it is essential to change the structures as well as the managerial organization by relying in particular on project management.

Our interventions 

Based on an experience of over 30 years, managers BSCA developed a recognized expertise in the field of project management and performance management.

Our interventions in Project Management:

  • Flow logic, organizational tasks, organization of actors, management of technological social, organizational, human and projects risks
  • PMO support to control the Product performance, the developed System as well as the costs and deadlines
  • A repository enhancing internal and external exchange and communication for the project
  • Information Systems: PLM & ALM expertise
  • System Engineering: Thorough understanding of requirements, product configuration, modifications and interfaces
  • Organization of operation and maintenance


Our interventions in Performance Management:

  • Optimization of industrial processes
  • Functional analysis, value analysis
  • Objective cost design, production cost analysis
  • Performance studies
  • Conception and implementation of control systems inducing cooperation

What makes us different

BSCA provides operational support based on responsiveness, initiative and commitment of its teams resulting in interventions that exceed customer expectations.

Some examples of references


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The first step of the SeaTC project successfully completed!

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Operational consultancy in System Management and Engineering on behalf of project managers CIGEO (Industrial Center for Geological Storage in the Meuse)

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