Our Subsidiary

In October 2018, BSCA Partners acquired Mprime’s consulting activities, including the innovative technological developments of M Prime Innovation specialized in the energy sector. M Prime Innovation’s technology portfolio targets the main issues of the energy transition, such as energy storage and offshore energy.

M Prime Innovation invented the SeaTC, the 2014 winner of the AMI ADEME technological award for marine energies project funded by the “Investments for the Future” Program


Our first project

SeaTC is an innovative electrical submarine connector intended to connect tidal turbines or submerged wave power generators. This new device, designed by M Prime Energy, allows these generators to make a “contactless” connection to the network, whilst maintaining the connections energy efficiency.

SeaTC is designed to meet the economic challenges of new MRE sources; it will help reduce the cost of marine energy by dividing by three the cost of connection equipment and relevant offshore operations of submarine machines.

The development of SeaTC is a collaborative R&D project, the management of which M Prime Energy entrusted to its subsidiary, M Prime Innovation, a technology start-up founded for this occasion, which is associated in the SeaTC consortium to 4 leading partners.

The SeaTC project won the call for expressions of interest (AMI) “Marine Energies: Bricks and demonstrators” launched by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) in 2013 as part of the “Investing for the Future” program.The project has a budget of 3.8 million Euros and will receive 1.8 million euros support from the “Investing for the Future” program. It will lead to offshore tests of a 2MW demonstrator in 2016 for equipping pilot farms.